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Nike SB Dunk Low x Jarritos
Sku: FD0860-001
Release Date: 05/10/2023

Distinctive Features:
Aside from the striking colorways, the Nike SB Dunk Low x Jarritos collection incorporates several unique design elements that set it apart. The Nike SB logo on the tongue features a fusion of the classic swoosh and Jarritos’ signature logo, creating a distinctive and instantly recognizable symbol. The insoles are adorned with custom illustrations inspired by the soda’s branding, further immersing wearers in the Jarritos experience. To complete the collaboration, each shoe comes with a custom-designed box that showcases the vibrant soda bottle motifs, making the unboxing experience truly special.

The Nike SB Dunk Low x Jarritos collaboration is a refreshing and visually stunning fusion of sneaker culture and Mexican soda aesthetics. With its vibrant colors, unique design elements, and limited edition status, this collection is sure to captivate both sneakerheads and Jarritos fans alike. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and a delightful reminder that inspiration can be found in unexpected places. So grab your pair, lace them up, and step out in style with a touch of fizz and flavor.

The color schemes of the Nike SB Dunk Low x Jarritos collection are a true feast for the eyes. Each shoe pays homage to a specific Jarritos soda flavor, capturing the essence of its taste and aesthetic. From the refreshing green of lime to the vibrant orange of mandarin, and the deep purple of grapefruit, the sneakers reflect the diverse range of flavors that have made Jarritos a beloved beverage brand. The attention to detail is remarkable, with color-blocking techniques and intricate stitching that showcase the artistry behind the collaboration.

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