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The health of dogs has always been of great concern to us, and patellar luxation is a relatively common joint problem. Patellar luxation can cause pain and discomfort in your dog, but fortunately, there are some non-surgical treatment options available, one of which is the use of a brace.

Symptoms of patellar luxation in dogs

When dogs luxate their patella, they often show symptoms such as lameness, pain when jumping, and joint stiffness. If you notice these signs, it is recommended to consult your veterinarian immediately for accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Non-surgical treatment options

The role of stents: Stents play a key role in non-surgical treatment. A brace can provide the necessary support and stability to help relieve your dog’s symptoms and allow him to move more freely.
Correct posture: By slightly correcting the joint, the brace helps maintain the correct position of the patella, reducing pressure on the joint and relieving pain.
Improved comfort: Using a brace can significantly improve your dog’s comfort, making them more comfortable in their daily activities.

Selection and use of brace

Choose a professionally designed dog patellar luxation brace to ensure it fits your dog’s shape and needs. When using the brace, wear and adjust it correctly according to the veterinarian’s recommendations, and check the dog’s condition regularly to ensure the effectiveness of the brace.

Work closely with your veterinarian

Most importantly, use a brace as part of non-surgical treatment and work closely with your veterinarian to tailor treatment to your dog’s condition to ensure he has the best possible recovery and quality of life.

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